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WRGW News is your source for relevant and reliable news directly from The George Washington University's radio station.  Our team of experienced reporters broadcasts a nightly 60-minute news show on Monday through Friday at 6pm.  

When not on the air, our reporters and editors produce content online.  

The WRGW News Team works to inform the GW community about the news happening on and around campus.  The broadcasts cover a variety of topics, ranging from the latest in international, domestic, local, and campus news.  In every topic we cover, we make sure our shows are not only informative, but also exciting and worth listening to.  


WRGW News is a place where a diverse group of student journalists come together not only to perfect their craft, but to share it with our listeners.  

WRGW News is a fun, hands-on learning environment that allows its members to gain experience both in broadcast and print forms of journalism.  WRGW News members practice skills that will later help them to succeed in fields that look for journalism and communication backgrounds. 


Many of our alumni now work careers in which they use the valuable broadcasting lessons and skills learned here at the station.  


Be sure to follow us on Twitter @WRGWNews, Instagram @wrgwnewsgw, and like us on Facebook.

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